TNTL- Find Legal Service Providers Online

Nowadays, we use the internet to shop for everything: books, clothes, even plants and garden furniture.

So, why not legal service providers?

As of yet, the digital marketplace for the UK solicitors hasn’t developed much. Consequently, many people still rely on word of mouth, when looking for a legal provider. But, that’s where TransactViaLegal come in. Our team believe that things need to change for those seeking legal work in the 21st century.

For those who are inexperienced, the legal field can feel like a real minefield. We offer start-up businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs an easier way to find a legal provider.

With our national database of UK qualified solicitors, you can save both time and money, with member firms bidding on your proposals and offering the most competitive rates.

TNTL are dedicated to providing more transparent access to legal services. Registration is completely free- all you need to do is post your request for legal work. Our members’ expertise includes Arbitration & Litigation, Banking & Finance, Commercial, Construction, Employment, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Planning Permission, and much more.

Experience the power and speed of the digital marketplace, and you’ll never look back.

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