TNTL – Get more Leads for Your Legal Practice

Looking to get more leads for your legal practice? If 2015 hasn’t been as productive as you hoped, consider Transact Via Legal.

Increasing the number of leads involves being proactive and trying a more innovative approach, which is what our site offers. In the past, the legal sector hasn’t benefited much from the potentially lucrative digital market place- but we want to change that.

TNTL offers a transparent, easy and affordable service to SMEs looking for a wide range of legal services, which could include your practice. This is an excellent alternative to the traditional status quo, and puts more selection power in the hands of companies looking for legal services.

Business customers on our site will be looking for high quality legal practices.

By being members of Transact Via Legal, you could vastly extend your presence to reach these customers and benefit from word-of-mouth. By providing a middle-man, clients are less likely to feel they’re relying on luck, or their own judgement. Member firms are encouraged to offer maximum flexibility when it comes to fees, terms and practises.

With our continued support, you could significantly increase your leads in 2016.

For more about us explore our main website.