TNTL – Request Legal Work Online


The legal sector has always been competitive, but today it’s even tougher. Use of the internet therefore appears wise, but what’s the best way to utilise it to your best advantage? Nowadays if you don’t use some form of digital marketing, you might be missing out. But there has to be a better way to connect directly with clients.

Law-related keywords are expensive on search engines, so for many firms this is a no-no. And with every lawyer bidding on the same terms, it can feel difficult.

Whether you specialise in Arbitration & Litigation, Banking & Finance, or Employment, request legal work online with TransactVia Legal, and you may significantly increase your leads in 2016.

Unlike merely advertising online, we operate marketing tool for you. All you have to do is let us now what areas do you specialise when you register to become a member. You can then participate in the bid whenever you are invited to do so, without advertising.

Similarly, if you’re a business, we can find you a quality law firm that suits your need out there.

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