Frequently Asked Questions

A legal marketplace is a platform dedicated to helping you to find and select the member UK qualified solicitor, law firm or other legal service provider for your business’ needs. Just like other marketplaces ours encourages a competitive environment for your custom.

To retain a solicitor in the traditional way you must rely on a referral, luck or your own judgement, but with TNTL you have the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing that every single legal services member has been thoroughly vetted by us. Traditional legal services selection requires lots of time trawling the Net and holding meetings, but with TNTL not only do we make the legal firms come to you, but you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision before you instruct one. Traditionally, clients have been at the mercy of their solicitor’s inflexible terms and practices, but at TNTL we encourage our member firms to offer maximum flexibility when it comes to fees, terms and practices.

No. At no point does TNTL charge you a fee to use our platform, however you do have to register as a member to post your requests for help and select proposals from lawyers.

Each proposal will state the scope and breakdown of work, the deadline for performing this work, a fixed quote for the work, all accompanied by the terms of engagement. You will need to review each such proposal to compare the proposed fixed fee against the proposed scope of work. We are available to assist you in the proposals review and provide you with our recommendations but you will have to make your own choice in selecting a lawyer to handle your legal matter.

Yes, you can. This is no different from the way confidential information is communicated between you and a solicitor in a traditional marketplace setting. This is because solicitors are bound to confidentiality by the SRA Code of Conduct and other regulations. In addition, the Terms and Conditions of TNTL also require law firms and solicitors wishing to register with us to agree to undertake the confidentiality obligation before they can become members.

Yes. If you wish to learn more about the solicitors that have sent you proposals to handle your legal matter, we can arrange meetings with them and attend these meetings with you.

You certainly can, particularly if you are happy with his or her services. Nothing, however, stops you from asking other legal services to bid for your custom in future as there is no cost or obligation for you to accept any particular proposals submitted for your review.

This is subject to the engagement terms of each particular solicitor or firm. We are working with members towards the standardisation and unification of these terms.

Of course, you can. As in any other case, you can always terminate an engagement but any portion or segment of work performed by them will need to be paid, unless it is believed to have not been properly performed or not performed in compliance with the proposal.

No. We are available to you even after you engage your legal firm. You can report to us any issues, so that we can investigate and facilitate the resolution of any disputes. We do not charge for this service either.