Our Values
At TransactViaLegal, we promote:

At TransactViaLegal, we believe in:

  • Transparent, easy and affordable access to a variety of legal services
  • Disrupting the traditional legal sector status quo to put more selection power in the hands of the client
  • Greater public awareness of the best practices to select, retain, and maximise the benefits of working with legal advisors
  • Minimising client risk through dedicated support, advice and guidance from only the finest legal minds
  • Commercial awareness of regulatory requirements and the legal environment
  • The contribution the right legal service providers can make to a business’ sustainable growth
  • Substantial operational improvement in the legal services market to improve efficiencies and make legal services more affordable
  • Full accountability for incurred legal fees
  • A market drive towards the unification of the billing rates and standardisation of legal fees for the same legal services
  • Unbundling legal services – breaking down the value chain into separate matters and tasks