Why Choose TNTL?
Of course, you could seek out a firm of solicitors the traditional way – by searching the Net, walking down your high street, seeing who is advertising in your local paper or asking friends and family if they know of someone. But we aim to show you how TNTL offers you and your business a far better option for searching for, selecting and instructing your legal advisors.
Traditional instruction TNTL
Often you will be reliant on luck or your own judgement on whether the firm or individual is capable of meeting your expectations or needs. We thoroughly vet every single member firm that requests to be on our platform – and sever ties with any that underperform for clients we introduce them to.
It can take an inordinate amount of time to search for and select, meet with and instruct a legal expert. Don't chase legal firms, have them come to you. Complete a simple request for help form, members firms will respond and you can select the one that suits you best.
All too often in our experience legal firms can be inflexible in their fees, their terms and their services. All TNTL member firms are encouraged to adapt to the needs of the businesses we introduce them to – offering fixed fees when proposals are submitted, free introductory meeting, unbundled services and much more.
All solicitors are bound by SRA Code of Conduct and other regulations to assure complete confidentiality. Solicitors on TNTL are bound by exactly the same confidentiality regulations and code of conduct.
Legally trained TNTL staff are available over the phone, online and in person to offer assistance and guidance, to help with the pre-selection and retention of a legal service provider, and to mediate in the eventuality of issues with our member firms. Such independent FREE support is, of course, not available with traditional, direct to solicitor instruction.
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